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Regular Price: $199.96

Special Price: $99.98

You Save:save 50% off

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Length:10"-34";Hair Color:Natural Black

10"-34" Natural Black Wavy 100% Virgin Peruvian Remy Hair 2 Bundles Mixed Length [WVPWYQ010I]

$99.98 $199.96
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  • description
  • Pack
    2 Bundles
  • Weight
  • Style
  • Fiber
    100% Virgin Peruvian Remy Hair
  • Application Time
    30 Minutes - 60 Minutes (Approx.)
  • Life
    1 Year (Depending on care and use)
  • Note
    For a full head, 10-16 inch hair needs 2-3 bundles, 18-24 inch needs 3-4 bundles, and above 24 inch needs a minimum of 4 bundles.
  • Usage
    Flat Iron, Wash and Dry, Curl Available
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Virgin Peruvian Hair is one of the most exotic type of hair extensions in the market. This hair is a little coarser and thicker in texture than Virgin Indian Hair. Our Virgin Peruvian Wavy Hair has a beautiful natural wavy texture, which avoid shedding, tangle,fizzy,no dry end compare with other hair. Achieve a different look by flat ironing the hair for a straight texture or wet it for bouncy curls. This hair will always revert back to the original wavy state even after months of use. All our Virgin Peruvian Wavy Hair is collected from single donor and has not been chemically treated. With daily care of high quality products this hair is proven to last up to a year.

Sandra May 19, 2015

THANKS ; i have received the order and im very happy for the product ; good quality and the shipping is fast !

Samella May 13, 2015

The colour matched perfectly and when I had them in it was hard to tell I was wearing them! will buy again and next time go for the longest set! ..

Salter May 7, 2015

These are simply fabulous!!! It is worth every penny I spent for it. Soft and shiny the way I exactly want them. Will purchase my next hair extension from you soon.

Salvatore Apr 22, 2015

This item is well worth the small price as it lasts and looks real with a skin part too. The cut is a bit modern but I like it and its nice for a change. The best deak I ave found for the price and wearability and looks.

Samantha Apr 8, 2015

I am SO pleased I decided to opt for your products! This hair I recieved from you is in as good a condition as my own hair!I love them!

Samara Mar 30, 2015

Its so wonderful now to have long hair it makes me feel so much more older and its lustrous. I love it.

Samantha Mar 24, 2015

Excellent product! Good in quality! Amazing color! Super comfortable! Long lasting and durable! It is easy to apply, easy to style, easy to use, great value for price!

Romana Mar 16, 2015

I just got this one and its my first human hair wig.I got this one and nobody has even noticed. I conditioned it really well and sprayed some good garnier oil spray on it and it really softened the feel of it. I then dried it in velcro rollers to smooth the hair out. It is light on your head, totally breathable, you barely notice it on your head. I am in love with it and I might just wear it forever! So happy I found a solution other than extensions to give my head a rest!!

Rona Mar 4, 2015

I was very skeptical of this hair piece when I purchased it, as I had heard mixed reviews of synthetic hair; however, I love this product! It blends with my hair perfectly and this last time I wore it as a side pony tail and got a lot of compliments on it. Yes, it's synthetic hair, but for the price you can't ask for much more!

Sanora Feb 27, 2015

The style was really amazing, but it was a bit expensive, I got it and wanted to wash it after several wearing. I wish it can stay healthy. I love the chic color.

Rona Feb 18, 2015

confidencebeauty and fun to take care of.

Sanora Feb 12, 2015

This hair is very pretty and the color matches perfectly BUT there is not a lot of hair on the extensions. I have thick short hair and it looks like I have a mullet when I put it on. I think this product would work better for someone who has long hair already not for short hair. I should have went with the item since I have short hair. It would take two of these to cover my head. They don't take returns but will exchange it.

Ronna Feb 3, 2015

These are absolutely amazing! My self esteem has gone up a lot. i had a terrible haircut and these corrected it a lot. definitely buy these extensions.

Dara Jan 29, 2015

I was so happy and pleased with the quality of the product. It makes me fell more confident. These extensions really amazing. I love that you're able to curl or straighten them. Because it's human hair, no one can tell that it's not my hair. Thank you.

Sally Jan 20, 2015

Apart from the clearance shipment delay...all is well. The hair doesn't shed as some of the other reviews stated.They supplier responded to all my questions in a timely manner. So I will order again. Good hair for a great price! Thanks again!

Deadra Jan 14, 2015

First I'm not sure which color to choose.Beautiful! Very easy and lots of hair. Well worth the money.

Criselda Jan 5, 2015

I had bought the brazilian virgin hair here before, the length and the color look so wonderful and natural, I love it very much. I am coming back to get another one now.

Sharika Dec 31, 2014

These hair extensions exceeded expectations. I've used extensions before and these are by far the best. These extensions look so real and they stay in really tight;

Sanora Dec 30, 2014

I have been told it looks so natural and incredible. Makes me feel real good about myself.

Samira Dec 25, 2014

I wore these for the first time and i just put some curl throughout them , and there gorgeous. I purchased this hair from the seller about a month ago. They arrivaled within some days, very fast to receive my products and I can wear them sooner.

Sharda Dec 16, 2014

They blend with my hair so perfectly that no one can tell they they aren't my own!

Samira Dec 11, 2014

I love it. The color matches very well, it feels so soft, and holds tight. I'm letting my short hair grow out and it adds length without being obvious.

Sharell Dec 1, 2014

Another great transaction. The delivery fast indeed. The hair quality perfect! No shedding at all!

Sanabria Nov 26, 2014

I recently purchased these & am IN LOVE! They blend SO well, and look so natural! The length, texture and color are great. I was afraid of them slipping .. They're so easy to put in and do not move all day long. They're absolutely perfect! If you're considering buying these - I promise it's worth it!

Romanik Nov 17, 2014

There are no words to express how much I love them. they make me feel like a new women, beautiful, smart sexy and untouchable.

Sandee Nov 12, 2014

I ordered this product because my sister recently bought them in her hair color. I tried them on and they looked so great! Unfortunately, no where had my color in stock, but luckily items did and for a great price with an extra gift so I was very fortunate. However, when I received the items, I remembered them to be a bit thicker in the item area but I feel as though mine have more hair on the sides where the items blend into my longer hair.

Romelia Nov 2, 2014

Had this extensions for about 8 months and i've dyed them to pink to brown to black many times. Straighten them and curled them. And washed them every week. And they are still in good shape. Good for thin hair . But for thick hair not so well . But overall amazing :

Sandlin Oct 28, 2014

one word - incredible! The quality of the fiber and the manufacture is fantastic.I can't believe how well they matched with my hair color. They looks pretty and very easy to wear!

Sanches Oct 28, 2014

Prompt product great communication fantastic,Perfectly matched to the color of my hair! I love it!

Sand Oct 13, 2014

We all know fads come and go. The in the hair trend is pretty big right now. This is an inexpensive way to try out the trend without gluing things in your hair thus damaging it and without breaking your bank. The colors are fun and you get different type them/sizes. It's a great starter kit for those who like to rock a fun look.

Sand Sep 29, 2014

Very high quality hair, natural-looking and comfortable!

Samatha Sep 23, 2014

I absolutely LOVE my new hair!Thanks a lot for your great products!

Sandi Sep 14, 2014

After wearing extensions for many years, and trying many different brands, these are hands down the best ive ever had. i could never wear another brand. they are so thick, and there is more than enough hair to cover my head, so they are very good value for money. they are also amazing qualitly, i have had my current pair for about 6 months, and they are still very soft and silky, even though i straighten/curl and wear them everyday. i thoroughly recommend these.

Samatha Sep 9, 2014

My little daughter becomes very crazy about the hair extensions. All I hear is Mommy all my friends are wearing them. For satisfying her dreams, I just allowed her to order the hair extensions and I paid for the products. Excellent.

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You're reviewing: 10"-34" Natural Black Wavy 100% Virgin Peruvian Remy Hair 2 Bundles Mixed Length [WVPWYQ010I]

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Option 1: Clips--Cut wefts to size and sew on toupee clips.
   Option 2: Cold Fusion Tape--Use cold fusion tape (Like Diva in a Box Replenish pack) to apply custom cut extensions for a day, a week, or a month!
  Option 3: Take to Your Salon--These super versatile wefts can be cut and applied by your salon professional using clips, cold fusion, or other methods of application. Your salon professional can make these customizable extension wefts your ultimate new hairdo.
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Cleaning the Human Hair

Just like your own hair, human hair will accumulate residue through normal wear. However, you do not need to wash the hair everyday to keep consistent results. The hair should be washed as infrequently as possible or when you notice that the hair appears dull or acquires an odor. If you are wearing the hair all day, every day, you can wash them after 3-4 wearings.

Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles. If hair is excessively tangled, a spray on conditioner should be used.

Always use a mild shampoo or one specifically formulated for chemically treated hair.

Run the hair under warm water and after placing a small amount of shampoo on your fingers, gently work the shampoo into the hair, stroking downwards from the weft base to the ends. Do not twist, scrub or rub the hair. Use the shampoo sparingly.

When clean, rinse thoroughly under warm running water until the water runs clear. Be sure to rinse until all shampoo is removed, as improper rinsing could result in damage.

Just like your own hair, human hair extensions need to be conditioned after shampooing to maintain a healthy shine and promote styling ease.

Place a small amount of conditioner in your hand. Gently work into the hair and let sit for three to five minutes.

Rinse thoroughly in warm water.

Gently towel blot to remove excess water.


Styling the Hair

Steam rollers and/or wet setting are the safest way to curl your human hair.

Blow dryers, curling irons and other thermal tools may be used on low settings. Remember, the hair may scorch if the setting is too high.

If you choose to use electric rollers, always make sure that the ends are wrapped into the rollers to avoid "fishhooks".

For cutting, or any chemical processes such as perming or coloring, take the extensions to a professional stylist.


Storing the Hair

It is best to store the human hair in it's original container. However, you can store the hair in a plastic bag.

To keep the desired curl pattern, you may want to set the hair on rollers that conform to the curl size you wish to maintain before storing in plastic.

Do not sleep or swim while wearing the human hair.

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