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How to Apply a Full Lace Wig

A full-lace wig is a type of hairpiece made of human hair with a lace base. These wigs are popular with celebrities and can be pulled into a variety of hairstyles including updos and a high ponytail. There are two methods of attaching a full-lace wig. One involves using a liquid adhesive and is generally the most secure method of attachment. The other involves the use of double-sided tape.


  • The Liquid Adhesive Method

    1. Pull your natural hair into a ponytail and away from your scalp using a ponytail holder.

    2. Place a small dot of adhesive glue at 1-inch intervals all the way around your scalp. Use your finger to smear the dots, creating a continuous circle of adhesive. Wash your hands thoroughly after this step.

    3. Secure the hair on the full-lace wig into a high, tight ponytail. This works best when the wig is on a wig head.

    4. Place the wig on top of your head, lining up the lace with your forehead and stretching it if necessary to fit your scalp. Press all around the wig firmly with your fingers to secure the wig, beginning with the forehead and working all around your scalp. Wash your hands thoroughly.

    5. After the glue dries completely, wear a headband around the glued area for 24 to 48 hours to be certain the wig adheres properly. If you notice any unsecured areas, dab glue underneath the wig and press firmly with your fingers.

  • The Double-Sided Tape Method

    1. Pull your natural hair into a tight ponytail. Circle your scalp with double-sided tape, and cut the tape with scissors to fit your scalp. You can use one long strip or a number of shorter strips.

    2. Remove one side of tape backing and place the tape firmly around your hairline.

    3. Pull the wig hair into a tight ponytail. Remove the other side of the backing of the double-sided tape. Place the wig on top of your head and secure it by pressing firmly on the tape. Begin in the middle of the forehead and press firmly all around your hairline, ending at the nape.

    4. Wear a stretchy headband around the hairline for 24 to 48 hours to make sure the wig is firmly bonded.

Tips & Warnings

When you secure the wig at the nape of your neck, bend your neck downward so the wig won't pull when you're looking down.